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Development Credits:

Calendar v1.0 could not have been completed without the help of my Calendar Beta-Testing Team. Without their efforts in testing this program and searching every section of it for problems, I could not have made the program as optimal as it has become. The staff on my Beta-Testing Team did very well in reporting bugs to me and making suggestions for the program in a timely manner. I was then able to fix the problems and make alterations to the program according to their suggestions that I would not have been able to do on my own. They had the privilege of trying out Calendar v1.0 before the rest of the public could, with the cost of taking time out of their schedules to help me out and suffering through various Ram Resets of their TI-83 Plus. I thank all of the people on the Beta Testing Team for assisting me in developing this project, and telling me how good it is and such. :)

Here is a list of all the people who were actively participating in the Calendar Beta-Testing Team:

  1. Robby Proie - Playnogamz@nls.net
  2. Stephen Franks - zzzaw_EM@hotmail.com
  3. Bryan Parker - parker38@hotmail.com
  4. Bill Bordogna - bilzo@hotmail.com
  5. John Freshour - jkfresh@yahoo.com
  6. Colin Squier - cwsquier@mediaone.net
  7. Joe Flint - free711@yahoo.com
  8. Matthew Throesch - mthroesch@hotmail.com
  9. Aram Kudurshian - aramk@mac.com
  10. David Vorobeychik - vvorobeychik@mediaone.net
  11. Nathan Buda - torrenttrue@yahoo.com
Credit goes to Sumit, the author of the TI-86 BASIC program Calendar v1.0 located Here, for the use of his algorithm that generates what day of the week a month begins on based on the supplied month and year. I had adapted this BASIC version of the calendar algorithm he uses, to TI-83+ Assembly Language and made various modifications and alterations to the algorithm, but the basis of my calendar generating code was borrowed from Sumit's program. Even though the algorithm is most likely not his original work, but instead is code from yet another source, I thank him for creating his TI-86 BASIC program that I had referenced to when developing Calendar v1.0 for MirageOS.

Special Thanks:

Special Thanks go out to a few people on the Beta-Testing Team in particular who participated extensively in finding bugs and giving me suggestions to make the program better:

Aram Kudurshian gave me the most suggestions for Calendar v1.0, things that should be changed and ideas to have added to the program. Some suggestions were positive, others were closer to the lines of complaints, but overall he was the most helpful in determining what I needed to make alterations for from the Beta version to the Public version. The most significant contribution he had was suggesting I should incorporate the option to show dates in the "European" format, which is DD-MM-YYYY, in contrast to the U.S. date format of MM-DD-YYYY to make viewers of both types happy, and this was very legitimate to do. Other suggestions were minor, but added to the overall improved usage of my program that the public now has.

Stephen Franks contributed to the production of Calendar v1.0 greatly with his frequent messages to me on ICQ, "motivating" me to work on the project; asking when it will be done, and how much work I had done on the project since the last time he asked me, stuff like that... :p  But seriously, he made various good bug reports and explanations on how to recreate those bugs so that I could track them down and fix them. He had found problems that no other Beta Tester reported to me, so it is a good thing those were located and resolved before the initial public release.

Joe Flint played a significant role in the development process of Calendar v1.0 since we had many conversations about the project over AIM and in IRC. Being a very good ASM programmer himself, we discussed much programming theory and how to accomplish various things for the program. One topic I remember in particular was the Sorting routines (the commands within Calendar to sort notes by their titles or dates). We discussed over a period of several days how to implement the bubble sort technique on variable-sized streams of data, each contributing to the ideas on how it could be done, and what precautions I needed to take on large sets of data that had to be swapped in the AppVar. Through our frequent conversations, he also gave me many suggestions on the usage of the program, and helped me to make decisions on what would be best for the user.

Special Thanks to each of them for their great contributions to Calendar v1.0. I appreciate their assistance immensely, and this project of mine and Detached Solutions' would not be as well done without their help. :)

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