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General Information:

The Daily Notes feature of Calendar v1.0 gives the user the ability to store text information within the program that corresponds to specific dates on the calendar and serves somewhat as an Organizer software product. Within the Daily Notes section of this program, the user may Set a new daily note, View a list of existing notes, and Edit or Delete an existing note. This part of the program is accessed from the third item of the Main Menu: "List The Daily Notes", which will take the user to the Notes List. The first entry in this list is the function for Setting a New Daily Note, and the other entries of the list are the Titles that the user will assign to each note. The user has control of an arrow cursor that moves up and down the Notes List, pointing to each entry and showing the specific Date of that note in the top right corner of the screen. Eight entries can be displayed at once, and in order to view others that are out of the visable area, the Notes list can be scrolled up and down using the arrow keys. There is a Scroll Bar located on the right side of the screen, and a Scroll Box within it that identifies the position of the cursor relative to the size of the list.

Daily Notes consist of a specific Date, a Title, and lines of Text for the body content. The date is displayed in MM-DD-YYYY format by default, or in DD-MM-YYYY format depending on the setting of an option in the program. Each note Must have a Title corresponding to it, so that there is something to be displayed in the Notes List, and the program requires for a title to be entered while a user is setting/editing a note. The lines of text for the note can be made up of characters as much as the horizontal space of the editing screen allows, and there can be a maximum of 100 lines per note.

From the Notes List, a note can be viewed by pressing Enter after pointing to the note's title with the arrow cursor, and then a new screen will come up that displays the Title and Body Content of the note. From here, the text can be scrolled up and down with the arrow keys, however the note text cannot be edited yet. This feature allows for a Read-Only process so that the user does not accidentally loose important note information. In order to Edit the note, the user must press the Stat key upon viewing the note, which will then activate the editing process of Date Input and Text Input. When viewing the note, it may also be deleted using the Del key. For ease of use, these functions of Stat and Del are also provided from the Notes List, where the user may immediately Edit or Delete the selected note by pressing each of those keys respectively.

Below you will find a Summary of Keys that are available to use when in the Daily Notes List, Viewing a Note, and Editing a Note. Further down you will find more detailed information on each of the aspects of Daily Notes within this program.


Summary of Daily Notes Keys:

When On The Daily Notes List:

Enter/2nd:    Views the Currently Selected Daily Note.
Sets New Daily Note when on First Item.

Up: Moves Cursor Up and Scrolls List Down.
Down: Moves Cursor Down and Scrolls List Up.
Stat: Edit the Currently Selected Daily Note.
Del: Delete the Currently Selected Daily Note.

Clear: Returns to the Main Menu of Calendar.
Mode: Quits the Program Back to MirageOS.

When Viewing A Daily Note:

Enter/2nd:    Returns to the Daily Notes List.
Up: Scrolls the Note Content Downwards.
Down: Scrolls the Note Content Upwards.
Stat: Edit the Currently Viewed Daily Note.
Del: Delete the Currently Viewed Daily Note.

Clear: Returns to the Daily Notes List.
Mode: Quits the Program Back to MirageOS.

When Setting/Editing A Daily Note:

Enter:        Confirms Date Input and Moves to Title.
Makes a New Line and Moves Down Text.

Up: Moves Cursor Up to Previous Text Line.
Also Moves Up to Date if at Title Line.
Down: Moves Cursor Down to Next Text Line.
Will Not make a New Line if at Bottom.

Stat: Ends the Editing of the Current Note.
Mode: Quits the Program Back to MirageOS.

*** View the Text & Date Input Info page for more Key Information ***

The Daily Notes List:

The Daily Notes List contains entries for the Notes that have been stored in the program where each line of the list represents a different note. Within this list, the Titles of the Daily Notes are displayed and can be individually selected using an arrow cursor that scrolls up and down the list. Since the list can only display eight entries at maximum at a time, the list is scrollable, using the Up and Down Arrow Keys, in order to display other note entries that are offscreen. On the right side of the screen is a Scroll Bar that contains a Scroll Box showing the position of your cursor in relation to the size of the whole list. As the user moves the cursor up and down the list that is longer than eight entries, the Scroll Box will reposition itself accordingly. When the user selects a Note entry by pointing to it with the cursor, its Date will be shown in the Top-Right corner of the screen, in MM-DD-YYYY format or DD-MM-YYYY format depending on an option setting. Pressing Enter/2nd on a Note Title will allow the user to View the Note by bringing up another screen that shows the Note Content. The top entry of the list is Not a note entry, but rather is the function to "Set a New Daily Note". Read below for the more information on Viewing or Setting/Editing notes. In the Daily Notes list, the user may also Edit or Delete a selected note by pressing the Stat or Del keys respectively. If the user presses Del while selecting a specific note, then a confirmation message for the deletion will come up if the user has the "Confirm on Deletion" option turned on. If the option is turned off, then the note will be deleted immediatly and control is continued with the cursor. In the confirmation message, the user must press 'Y' to finally delete the note, and 'N' or Clear to abort the deletion. Pressing Clear from the Notes List will return the user to the Main Menu, and pressing Mode will exit Calendar back to MirageOS.


Viewing A Daily Note:

Existing Daily Notes can be Viewed from the Notes List by pressing Enter or 2nd on the title of the note the user wants to view. Doing so will bring up another screen that displays the Note Content, consisting of its title and all the lines of text below the title that the user has entered. During the viewing of a note, only seven lines of text can be shown at once, so the lines of text may be scrolled up and down with the Arrow Keys in order to see more of the note content that is offscreen. The text and data of a note may only be read and not edited, and the benefit of this aspect is to prevent any important text in a note from being accidentally overwritten, similar to Read-Only property of computer files. In order to Edit the note, the user may press the Stat key on this screen, which will then activate the Date/Text Input routines. While viewing the note, the user may also delete it using the Del key. A message prompt confirming the deletion will come up if the option is set to do so, else the note will be immediately deleted and the user is returned to the Notes List. The user is reminded of these functions of Stat and Del by the text at the bottom of the screen, which says "Stat: Edit Note  Del: Delete". If the Stat key is pressed here to edit the note, and the note has been scrolled down several lines, then the note will be displayed again from the top so that the editing process can function correctly.


Setting/Editing Daily Notes:

The user can Set A New Daily Note in the program by pressing Enter/2nd at the top entry of the Daily Notes list, which will take them to a blank note that has the default date of 00-00-0000 and the text "Untitled" for its title. In creating a new note, the program requires the user to type a valid date first, and after that the program will progress down to the Title line. There the user should replace the word "Untitled" with a title more specific to the note they are setting. For all notes, a title must be entered or else the program will reset the Title line to the word "Untitled". It is necessary to have a title for every note because there needs to be something to display on the Daily Notes List, and something to sort during the Sort Notes List By Title command process. Also, each Date for the notes must be unique because the program cannot currently handle multiple notes with the same date. When setting a new note, the user may abort its creation by pressing Stat during the Date Prompt, and the program will return to the Daily Notes List without creating a new note. In order to actually store the note to memory, the user must input a valid date and move onto the Title.

Once the Date and Title are entered for the New Note, then the behavior of the program is identical to the process of Editing an existing note. At this point the user can begin typing lines of text beneath the title to create the Note Content, and then any line of text or the date may be edited by the user. Read the details about typing text and a date at the Text & Date Input Info section of this homepage. To Edit a note that has been previously created by the user, they should select the note from the Notes List by pressing Stat on a list entry, or by pressing Stat after viewing a note. In order to complete the Editing process, the Stat key should be pressed again, and the user will be returned to the Notes List.


Aspects of Typing Daily Notes:

During the typing process for Daily Notes, it is important to know that the Enter key is used to end the current line of text the user is on, and move to the line below. This action will create a new line between the current line and any that exist below it, as opposed to just moving to the start of the next line of text. The Up and Down keys are used to move the cursor from one line to another, and the Down key will Not create a new line below the current one. If the down key is pressed while at the bottom of the existing note content, then the cursor will not move anywhere; however, if the Enter key is pressed there, then a new line is created below. The maximum number of lines that each note may have is 100, not including the Title, and the maximum number of characters allowed on each line varries depending on the width of the characters. The user may type text on one line up to the right-side typing boundary, in which no more text will be accepted for that line. It is important to remember that each note must have a unique date attributed to it, where multiple notes cannot have the same date due to current limitations by the program. Another important aspect of Daily Notes is that they must have a Title, and if the user clears the title line of the note, it will be reset to the word "Untitled" until a valid title is typed, in order for the program to function properly.

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