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Known Bugs:

Within the MirageOS version of Calendar v1.0, pressing On+Mode or On+Clear to Abort the program through the Tasker Interrupt of MirageOS will not allow Calendar to quit properly. There is some "clean-up" code that Calendar needs to do before it quits, such as updating the AppVar with the recently changed information. If you quit the program by those means, and you have previously entered a new Note or Special Day, then the next time you run Calendar, those updates will not be visible. This is due to the fact that the part of the AppVar that needs to be updated before exiting holds the number of total Special Days and Notes. Also, the latest day you left off on the Calendar will not be stored, nor will the AppVar be Rearchived if you have that option set. To avoid this problem in v1.0, you should quit normally with the Mode key, or back out to MirageOS with the Clear key. The bug will be fixed for v2.0 of MirageOS, but until that happens you should not use the Tasker Interrupt keys to exit out of Calendar.

If you find any other bugs within Calendar, please E-Mail them to me at jason@detachedsolutions.com. Make sure you are able to recreate the bug and explain the steps to me that you took to make the bug occur so that I am able to narrow down where the source of the problem is.

Future Ideas:

* Alter the Text Input routine so that there is a Backspace function, and implement a better system of Alpha-Lock so that switching character modes is similar to the TI-OS routine.

* Allow for there to be multiple Notes on one date. Alter the View Day section and Sorting routines to accomidate for this change.

* Allow for the user to change months and years on the Calendar by moving the cursor up/down/left/right out of the visible range of the current month.

* Allow for the user to Edit the title of Special Days by pressing Enter on the entry when viewing the Special Days list. The user will not be able to alter the text for the Preset days since those are built in by default and are not stored to the AppVar.

* Allow for the user to Create/Edit/Delete Notes from the Calendar when viewing a specific date. This would let the user create a note straight on the calendar if none existed on that date, or edit/delete an existing note that is shown on a date.

Do you have another idea of suggestion for this program that could be implemented in a later version? If so, E-Mail me at jason@detachedsolutions.com with your idea or suggestion.

Version History:

Version 1.0 Public (FlashApp) - Released: August 15th, 2001

Version 1.0 Public (MirageOS) - Released: January 31st, 2001

Version 1.0 BETA 2 (MirageOS) - Released: January 23rd, 2001

Version 1.0 BETA 1 (MirageOS) - Released: November 24th, 2000

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