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Command Post Plus Credits and Special Thanks

Many thanks to my beta testers who have volunteered their time to test Command Post. Command Post v1.0 received over 3 months of quality control testing before its public debut in February 2003, and Command Post Plus recieved 4 months of beta testing before its release in December 2003!

  • Lionel Debroux (list of ROM calls including unknown/undocumented rom calls)
  • Stoopid Guy
  • Brett Simmers (big thanks for the original list of ROM calls, and for writing a program to test the shared code library disassembler)
  • Joel Thompson
  • Martin Daveluy
  • Nicolas Gilles
  • William Diehl
  • Daniel DeGraaf
  • DeadBird
  • Olivier Armand
  • Jay

A special thanks goes to the following individuals for initial testing and suggestions prior to the 2002 app contest:

  • Mike Grass
  • Dan Englender
  • Scott Noveck


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