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F1: Command Post Icon Command Post Logo

The Command Post Icon lets you set up Command Post. It includes the Copy Special and Paste Special commands, which let you share data between different editors and applications. These commands use the clipboard of the calculator. They also includes several format options that let you decide how the application interface will work.

F1 Command Post Icon Choices:
1: Copy Special
2: Paste Special
3: Set Defaults
4: Format
5: About

Command Post F1 Menu

1: Copy Special and 2: Paste Special:

Copy Special lets you copy the byte, word, long, or string pointed at by the cursor for later recall using paste special.

Paste Special allows you to paste a byte, word, or long, or string to the present cursor location. You may also choose a bit mask operation instead of the standard replace operation on Byte, Word and Long values.

If you are pasting a Byte, Word, or Long value, you may set the mask to either AND, OR, XOR, or NONE. A setting of NONE simply overwrites the currently selected location with the specified value. Any other setting will use the specified logic on the current cursor location and the value you gave in the New Value Box.

cut/copy example cut/copy example cut/copy example

3: Set Defaults

Selecting F1 (Command Post Icon) and selecting 3: Set Defaults will force Command Post to revert to (default) factory settings.

Defaults Set
NOTE: the Crash Protection default setting is ON when no kernel or kernel like program is installed. If a kernel is found, the default setting is OFF.

4: Format

Use the format dialog to control command post's integration into the OS, and its Maximum Hex Editor width.

Formats Dialog

The first Option, Max Hex Editor Width can be set to restrict Command Post to a certain width in bytes. Command Post will automatically select a width that is less than what you asked for if the display region is too small to handle the requested width.

Note: The TI-89 can only display a maximum of 6 bytes on screen. However, the Format dialog will allow you to choose eight, and ten byte widths. This is an intentional feature which allows you to use the different calculators (TI-89, TI-92p, & V200) while allowing you to use the exact same keystrokes.

The Crash Guard setting allows you to turn the crash protection ON or OFF at will. If you have a kernel or kernel like program installed, you must uninstall it before changing this setting (if you do not, Command Post will not allow you to change the setting). See also, the Crash Guard Special Topics area.

NOTE: Crash Guard is designed to integrate directly in to the OS. When Command Post recovers on of the above errors, it will do some necessary clean up, and then throw an error in such a way as to give the appearance of OS handling the error; in fact, Command Post did.

NOTE: On AMS 2.04 and 2.05, the Home Screen App has a bug where it will display "unknown error code" instead of "Address Error" (or any of the other errors that Command Post handles). This is not serious, and TI has fixed this minor glitch in AMS 2.08.

The Turbo Keys feature makes Command Post Plus more responsive by speeding up the keyboard repeat rate. When you return to the AMS, the default repeat rate set by the AMS will be restored.

The Verbose Movem setting controls how the disassembler handles the disassembly of movem commands. When this setting is set to ON, movem statements will be displayed with complete register lists. EX: movem.l d0-d7/ a0-a6,-(sp). When this setting is set to OFF, movem statements will use hexadecimal notation to describe the register list EX: movem.l #0xfffe,-(sp) .

The Reset Magic setting will attempt to remember the settings of the formats dialog after a crash. By turning this setting on, you will override the default settings which are normally set after a crash or calculator reset.

5: About

Displays the About dialog box which contains the Command Post version and copyright information. Press ENTER or ESC to close the dialog box.

About Dialog

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