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Command Post is a tool that aids in the creation and debugging of Flash Applications. It was written by a developer for developers. Much attention to detail has been given to this project. I have designed the menu system, and keystrokes needed to run this application to be the same for the TI-89 and the TI-92 Plus. All dialogs in this application allow the var-link, and alpha-lock is automatically turned off for text edit boxes that require numerical input. Additionally, all text boxes allow valid numerical and/or algebraic expressions; you are not limited to entering the number 35, for example, you could enter it as 30+6-x where x is equal to one and still get 35 as the final result. Command Post will simplify your input, and perform the requested action after you press the ENTER key to dismiss the dialog. The hex editor and disassembler both utilize a double buffering scheme to avoid flickering as well as several other optimizations to make Command Post as fast and efficient as possible.

Furthermore, I have tried to design the interface so that commonly used functions are readily available to you, the user. Throughout this entire project, I have tried to apply the KISS principle, and I hope you agree that it is as simple as it can be for a project of this size and nature.

If you stumble across any undocumented feature (i.e. a bug), please email me! For the same reason, if you have a feature request, do not hesitate to ask. There are a number of additions planned for the next release of Command Post including a disassembler, and improved hex editing functions.

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