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Command Post Home Page : Installation/Removal

Installing Command Post

Installing Command Post is simple. Just send it to your calculator using TI Graphlink or TI Connect. The Cmdpost.89k is for the TI-89; Cmdpost.9xk is for the TI-92 Plus and V200 calculators. Next follow any popup dialogs that Command Post may show on the screen. You will need about 50K of free FLASH memory and about 1000 bytes of unused RAM for Command Post to install successfully. Command Post requires AMS 2.04 or newer to install. If Command Post determines that the AMS version is less than 2.04, then Command Post will automatically delete itself and you will not be able to use Command Post until you upgrade your calculator.

If you are prompted to uninstall a kernel or kernel like program such as PreOS or KerNO, follow the directions. This will allow Command Post to make sure that it integrates correctly with the operating system. Once Command Post has performed its installation tasks, it will display a dialog telling you that you may reinstall a kernel if you want to (this dialog is only shown if Command Post requested that you uninstall a kernel).

   To remove Command Post from your calculator, use the Var-Link Screen (2nd Var-Link). Press F7, select Command Post Plus from the list of install FLASH APPS, and then Select F1->1: Delete. Command Post will try to automatically uninstall the leak watch hooks if you have any installed, and it will attempt to remove its anti-crash protection.

If a dialog is displayed telling you that Command Post cannot be removed, you should follow the suggestions given. If the dialog tells you that you need to uninstall a kernel that was installed after command post, do it! Once Command Post has been successfully removed, you can reinstall the kernel.

Additionally, make sure that no applications have leak watch installed on them, or Command Post may refuse to uninstall.

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