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PuzzPack Level Solutions Revealed
Posted On: 12/20/01
Many users of PuzzPack v2.0, our popular application of puzzle games for the TI-83+/SE, have awaited this day for quite a while... We have finally decided to reveal the Level Solutions to the games of Block Dude, Puzzle Frenzy, and Pegs so that users may view how to accomplish any of the levels. Rather than having users discouraged or frustrated from challenging levels within these games, we want all users to enjoy the Puzzle Pack and be able to continue the games if they become stuck on a particular level.

The Level Solutions are now available on the PuzzPack Homepage in Animated GIF format so that the process of beating a level can be observed visually. The solutions may be accessed from the bottom of each Game Documentation page, and we have provided the option of opening the animations in a new pop-up window or within the same window. The password to each level of Block Dude and Puzzle Frenzy has been included into the level solution animations. In addition, the PuzzPack Homepage has been updated to included static screenshots of various areas of each game, which makes that section of our website now complete.

Even though all has now been revealed about PuzzPack v2.0, we encourage users to continue playing through the games without going straight for the solutions. Doing so will allow you to gain the self-satisfaction of being able to beat these challenging, yet fun, puzzle games on your own. Thanks to all the dedicated gamers in the past for showing interest in this software development of ours, and we hope that releasing the Level Solutions is a nice treat for you all. :)

12/22/01 Update: We have replaced the solution to Level 11 of Block Dude with an improved level solution that was provided to us by Clint McGill, whom we thank greatly for his contribution.

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