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The MirageOS User's Manual

About Screen :  About Information

The About Screen of MirageOS can be reached by pressing the STAT key when running the Program Manager, and it is a replica of the Title screen that you first saw at the initial start-up of the shell. This About Screen was provided for users to see the creative desert scene we have made, yet didn't want to show at every time the user started the shell, or that may become annoying to users. The About Screen also serves the purpose of giving the user more information than the Title Screen did, which just showed the name of our software company, Detached Solutions. On the About Screen, four sessions of text are displayed for a short period of time, and then will return to the Program Manager. The user can also press any key during this time to quickly return to the Program Manager, and not have to watch all the text be displayed. The four different frames of the About Screen are shown here:


The second frame gives notice to our webpage address, so that users who received the FlashApp from another TI-83 Plus may know where they can find more info about our shell and come here. The third frame says "System Coding: By Dan Englender", who is one of the two main developers of MirageOS. System coding refers too all the Internal workings of the shell that you can not visably see, such as Program Execution, AppVar Management, Emulation, Organizing the built-in routines for developers, and creating all the Base code which the interfaces run upon and use functions from. The fourth frame of the About Screen says "Interfacing: By Jason Kovacs", who is the other main developer of MirageOS, and Interfacing refers to all of the external things that you can see. He developed the design and workings of the Program Manager, Function Bar, Options Screens, External GUIs (except for the Command Prompt made by Dan), the Title graphic and other graphics, etc. Neither Dan nor Jason could have created this Flash Application shell alone, and both needed the talents of eachother to make MirageOS happen.

MirageOS Credits : Credit Information

MirageOS could not have become a reality by just the programming talents of Dan Englender and Jason Kovacs alone, it had various contributions from other people who may not have directly added to the shell, but who have certainly made an impact on its completion and release. We would like to give credit to these people and list them here, noting the things they helped with in allowing MirageOS to come to a close and be successful in its initial release to the public. In this section of our webpage we will also thank the people who have had past influence upon the developers, which allowed them to create such an innovation Flash Application shell.

Andrew Magness - Andrew has been with us every step of the way during the development of MirageOS, working along side of us (Dan and Jason) in the TCPA, and on the TI-83 Plus SDK Beta team. He became a FlashApp developer, gaining a developer's certificate, which allows the testing of Applications on your calculator before they are signed by Texas Instruments. Andrew has been one of our biggest Beta testers of the shell, pointing out problems, offering suggestions on what to improve, and keeping us entertained with his Fire-Fighting stories as we progressed on the shell through the months. ;) He contributed a great amount with the MirageOS Ports that were released with the shell initially, and he contributed greatly to the existence of our software company and the Detached Solutions webpage.

Scott Dial - Scott has been helping us by writing a couple routines that we needed. He wrote part of the scrolling for the interfaces, and the routine to swap two vat entries, which is a key part of the sorting routines. All this, and he doesn't even own a TI-83 Plus to test it on. Without his help, developing MirageOS would have taken much longer.

Beta Testers - Everybody makes mistakes when developing software, and we made plenty of them. Our beta testers helped us find these mistakes before the final release, so we could have a bug free program. If there are any bugs in MirageOS, complain to the beta testers ;) The beta testers also helped us by porting and writing programs for MirageOS, to test out our library routines. Beta testers included: Andrew Magness, Scott Dial, Brandon Engleberth, Sean Reed, and Erik Davidson. Beta testers for version 1.2 included: Andy Janata, Patrick Poon, Jason Malinowski, Martin Warmer, Thomas Stagner, and other users on the Detached Solutions forum. Beta testers for version 1.3 included: Lyndon Zhang, James Robertson, Rodes Brown, Mike Knoop, Sang-June Kim, Brant Barrett, Martin Warmer, and other users on the Detached Solutions forum.

David Phillips - David wrote the Run-Length Encoding (RLE) Decompression routine that we use in MirageOS and have made available for programmer access. This routine is very useful, and very optimized, and we thank David for creating it and letting us use it.

Joe Wingbermuehle - Joe led the way in TI-83 Plus shells with his ION shell. Without ION, there probably wouldn't be MirageOS. Additionally, Joe let us use his ION library routines in MirageOS so that we can run ION programs.

Texas Instruments - Texas Instruments has been an enormous help to us on this project. They allowed us to Beta test the SDK, and have been very helpful in getting us information that we needed to complete MirageOS.

Sam Heald - Sam helped us quite a bit with his vast TI-82 knowledge. His information about TI-82 rom calls helped us fix parts of the emulation core. He has also allowed our staff to port his existing TI-82 and TI-83 programs to MirageOS format.

Very much thanks to all these people and groups for your influence upon MirageOS in the past and during its development. We couldn't have done it without you... Thanks to all of the TI-83 Plus users out there as well, who have and hopefully will continue to support our shell in the future to make it a great success. :)

MirageOS History : Version History

Version 1.3
  • Supports compressed programs (Lite8x compression)
  • Fixes display problems on some new TI-83 Plus and TI-84 Plus calculators
  • BASIC program errors and memory errors are reported in function bar
  • Left key closes current folder
  • Fixed rename program bugs
  • Fixed hide program bugs
  • Program manager updates
Version 1.2
  • BASIC programs now compatible with all hardware/operating-system combinations
  • Fixed bugs specific to TI-84 Plus calculator
  • Much faster sorting
  • Smart writeback only writes to archive when necessary
  • Archived programs are not deleted if they crash
  • 82 Emulation removed
  • Some functions run at 15 mhz on capable calculators
  • Free archive display now large enough to display SE memory size
  • Folder size can be larger than 65535 bytes
  • Added ability to cancel rename/new folder prompts
  • New tasker hotkey to quit immediately without writeback
  • A variety of minor and cosmetic changes
  • Web address now points to the right place
Version 1.1
  • Unarchive and rearchive work correctly under low RAM conditions
  • Sort works correctly with two programs with same name
  • All sorts other than by name have been removed
  • Improved 82 compatibility
  • Fixed key hook bugs (graph screen problems)
  • Alpha, instead of on key, toggles alpha/numeric mode in text input
  • More shortcut keys in program manager
  • Fixed bugs with hidden programs
  • Fixed some BASIC program bugs
  • Fixed Alpha+on bug
  • Added Hide All function

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