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The MirageOS User's Manual

Options Screen & Items :  Tasker And Key Hooks

This section of the Options Screen contains the settings for the Tasker Interrupt routine that is run during programs, and the Key Hooks that can be enabled or disabled for use in the TI-OS. The option items available are as follows: Interrupt Tasker Enabled In Progs, Quick Key Repeat, ALPHA/APPS+ON, and Block The Memory Menu From Access. The default settings can be seen from the screenshot to the right, and more information is given below about these items.

Interrupt Tasker          Default Setting: ON
Enabled In Progs:
The state of this option decides if the Tasker Interrupt feature of our shell should be executed during MirageOS and ION programs. The Tasker Interrupt allows many excellent processes that you can do while a program is running by means of hotkeys, so we strive for this feature to be enabled for use. You can read about all the Tasks that can be done, and the keypresses needed in order to acheive them, in the Tasker And Key Hooks section of this User's Manual. If this option is turned Off, then the Tasker Interrupt simply won't execute during programs, and none of the hotkeys will work. This option is enabled by default because we believe that most users would like to make use of this feature, andshouldnt have to go into the Options Screen to turn the Tasker Interrupt On.

Quick Key Repeat:         Default Setting: OFF
This option enables the Key Hook during the TI-OS that allows for the delay during a keypress to remove. The keys will then repeat instantaneously without any pause, making the TI-OS seem like it runs more quickly. Having this option enabled may be good in some cases of the TI-OS, where you want to navigate through menus quickly. Although, the key repeat may be too fast sometimes, so some users may not like it being activated, as to why this option is turned Off by default. You can enable the Quick Key Repeat, and it will take effect when you return to the TI-OS. NOTE: The Quick Key Repeat does not function during MirageOS since we use a different key input sequence than the one used during normal operation of the calculator. For more information about this feature, read near the bottom of the Tasker And Key Hooks section of this User's Manual.

ALPHA/APPS+ON:            Default Setting: ON
This option activates the Key Hooks during the TI-OS that allow you to start up the shell by pressing APPS+ON, and powering down from anywhere in the TI-OS by pressing ALPHA+ON and being able to resume at that location without being sent back to the homescreen. This option is turned On by default and these processes will not be installed into the TI-OS until MirageOS has been run atleast once. The user may turn off these two Hotkeys if they choose not to use them or find them bothersome. Find out more information about these two Hotkeys in the Tasker And Key Hooks section of this User's Manual.

Block The Memory          Default Setting: OFF
Menu From Access:
This option controls whether or not the Key Hook is enabled to block access of the Memory menu in the TI-OS. The user of MirageOS can turn this option On so that no one will be able to access the variables of their calculator, since entry into the Mem menu by pressing 2nd+Plus will be denied. This option is turned Off by default since we dont want to automatically block out the user from the variables and programs of their calculator. They can enabled this option when desired, so that their TI-83 Plus gains more protection from other people. Read more about this feature in the Tasker And Key Hooks section of this User's Manual.

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