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The MirageOS User's Manual

FlashApp Installation :  Loading Requirements

In order to install our Flash Application shell, MirageOS, onto your TI-83 Plus or TI-84 Plus calculator, you must have the following things:
  • The MirageOS.8xk file found in This zip file, which is for both Windows and Macs.
  • The latest Rom version for your TI-83 Plus or TI84 Plus, which can be found Here.
  • The latest version of the TI-Connect software, which can be found Here.
  • A TI-GraphLink Grey, Black, or USB cable

If you don't have a TI-GraphLink cable, search in this list of Dealers to find out where to buy one, or look in the Accessory Store of Texas Instruments.

NOTE: MirageOS is Freeware and can be downloaded and destributed freely among other users. It is possible to receive this Flash Application from the calculator of another person who has the shell on their TI-83 Plus. For this method of transferring, a Calc-To-Calc cable is needed. Look below in the next section for instructions on how to install by this method.

FlashApp Installation :  Installing And Setup

To install MirageOS on you TI-83 Plus or TI-84 Plus calculator, send the application to your calculator with the TI-Connect software. View the TI-Connect help information for details on how to do this, but usually it will consist of right click on the MirageOS.8xk file, and choosing either "Send to TI Device" or "Send To: Connected TI Device: Archive".
After MirageOS is successfully installed onto your TI-83 Plus, you can run it for the first time by selecting its entry from the APPS menu. Our shell requires 50 bytes of Freeram or so to run for the first time, so that it can create the AppVar we use on many occasions. You will see the Title screen upon the first start-up of the shell, which can also be seen on the User's Manual Table of Contents page. This title screen only appears the first start-up of the shell, or whenever the AppVar has to be recreated.

Installing MirageOS on other TI-83 Plus Calculators

MirageOS can be sent and received to and from other TI-83 Plus calculators, and we advocate that you do distribute our Flash Application shell to other Ti-83 Plus users since not all of them have access to a TI-GraphLink cable. In order to transfer the shell from one calc to another, connect them with the Calc-To-Calc cable, and put the receiving calculator into "Receive" mode from the LINK menu. On then sending calculator, go to the LINK menu, choose "2:All-", then choose "MirageOS APP" that is near the bottom of the list. After selecting it, press Right to goto the Transmit menu, then press Enter... Sending the Application will take about a minute since it is a large, 16K variable. You should not send over the AppVar which has the name "MirageOS AVAR", because this contains data for your calculator specifically, and the new user should start their shell with a fresh start-up and no AppVar initially.

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