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The MirageOS User's Manual

Options Screen & Items :  MirageOS Main Options

This section of the Options Screen contains the main options of MirageOS, which affect major aspects of the shell's function and display methods. The option items in this section that the user has the ability to alter are as follows: Auto-Folder Sort, Show Hidden Files, Confirm Deletions, Show Prog Images, and Reset System Defaults. These can be seem from the screenshot to the right, which the Default settings are shown for, and more information about each of these option items are located below.

Auto-Folder Sort:         Default Setting: ON
This option controls whether or not the shell automatically sorts all folders each time you start the shell. Whenever you load new programs onto the calculator, they will appear at the bottom of the list of programs until a sort is performed. You can manually sort each folder from the Sort menu on the function bar, or you can have MirageOS do this for you automatically at startup, by having this option On. If the state of this flag is altered, its changes will not take effect until the next time you start MirageOS, and the folders will be sorted or not, accordingly.

NOTE: If this option is set and you load many programs to your calculator at once, the shell will take some time to sort them all. Your calculator may look like it has frozen at startup of the shell, but be patient until it finishes.

You can try to avoid this long wait at startup by turning Off this option and letting the programs be out of order until you choose to sort the folder again yourself. If a folder says it is sorted by Name, this wont be necessarily true, and you have to chose Name again from the Sort menu, for the arrangement to be correct again. This aspect of sorting goes for all other sort types as well.

Show Hidden Files:        Default Setting: OFF
This option controls an aspect in the shell of whether or not Hidden Files will be displayed in the Program Manager and other interfaces. If this option is On, then any files you hide will be hidden from the TI-OS PRGM menu, but will still be visible in MirageOS. If this option is Off, then any programs you hide from the TI-OS will also be hidden from MirageOS and will disappear the moment you hide them.

If the setting for this option is altered, then MirageOS will restart the current interface, sending the cursor and program locations to their starting places in the interface. If you are using the Program Manager, then all folders will be closed and the cursor will start on Main. This restart is necessary when changing this option because the interfaces need to look up all programs again to detect or not detect programs, according to their hidden state.

This option was turned Off by default so that the user could see the programs disappear that they are hiding from the Program Manager, and take notice that it is working correctly. That would signify the programs are being hidden correctly in the TI-OS, and the user wont be able to toggle the Hide function on that program again. The user should turn this option on in order to see any hidden programs in the shell, so that they can be Unhidden from the TI-OS at any point in the future.

Confirm Deletions:        Default Setting: ON
This option controls the confirmation message displayed to the user when they want to delete a folder or program from the Program Manager Interface. If this option is On, a message will come up after choosing Del from the Function Bar, saying either "Delete This Folder? Y/N" or "Delete This Program? Y/N", and you will be forced to press the 'Y' or 'N' keys for your decision.

If you press the 'Y' key at this prompt, the Program Manager will continue to delete the highlighted folder or program. If you press 'N', it will not be deleted, the confirmation prompt will clear, and the Program Manager will resume normally.

If this option is turned Off, then no Confirmation message will be given to the user, and the selected folder or program will be deleted immediatly, and the Program Manager Interface will update accordingly.

This option is turned On by default so that the message is displayed to the user, and they know what is going on at the moment. This precaution is to prevent anyone from accidentally deleting a program or folder with the Del function if they didnt want to. This option should be turned Off when the user becomes familiar with using the Del function, and no longer want to see that confirmation message.

Show Prog Images:         Default Setting: OFF
This option controls the display settings of the File Info in the Program Manager Interface. If this option is off, the Program Manager will show the full text for each aspect of programs, (i.e., "ARCHED", "HIDDEN", "LOCKED", and "ATTRIB"), however, if this option is On, the Program Manager will show the Graphic for each program, and then a shortened version of each text aspect.

Having this option On lets the user see the "Button Graphic" associated with each MirageOS program, which were originally meant for the Graphical Buttons Interface, but were also allowed to be seen from the Program Manager using this option. When you put your cursor onto a program, the File Info box will show some text: "Prog Img" and then the bordered graphic to the right. If you are currently selecting a MirageOS program, its custom graphic will be shown, but if you are on an ION, Basic, or TI-82 program, then a generic graphic will be shown for that program.

Using the Show Prog Images option lets you see the images for programs without using the Graphical Buttons interface, and then the other File Properties are shown in shortened form (i.e., "A" for Archived, "H" for Hidden, and "L" for Locked) so that all the File Info can still fit in the Program Manager.

This option was turned Off by default so that the user could notice the longer names of the File Info aspects, and not be confused by the shortened forms of those properties. After the user becomes familiar with what information the File Info box shows, they may then want to enable this option, in order to view the program Images, but this is all according to preference.

Reset System Defaults:    Option Command Process
This command allows the user to Reset System Defaults for MirageOS and all the TI-OS aspects that are related to MirageOS. All settings will be returned to normal, from what the shell had upon the first startup, or whenever the AppVar is deleted and MirageOS needs to recreate it. This command also deletes all custom folders that were created by the user, and sends any programs in those folders to the MAIN folder. This is done since the option to "Move Progs To MAIN At Folder Deletion" will become turned On upon resetting defaults.

The sort state for the Main folder will be returned to Sort By Name, however, it will not be sorted immediatly, and that change will only take effect upon the next startup, or when you manually sort the folder. The password you may have had set will also become deleted, since everything is being restored to the default state. Be cautious of using this command, if you dont want to remove your password or loose the folders you have currently.

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