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Title: Program Descriptions Interface v1.0
Date:  July 24th, 2000
By:    Jason Kovacs 
Email: jason@detacheds.com
Web:   www.detacheds.com
Calc:  TI-83 Plus
Shell: MirageOS
Size:  934 bytes
File:  MIRDESC.zip (Source Included)

The Program Descriptions Interface is an External GUI File for use with MirageOS, the Flash Application shell for the TI-83 Plus. This Interface lists all of the compatible files on your calculator by Program Desciptions, ones that each Assembly program can set within its code. Each program list arranged in a single column list, similar to the layout of another TI-83 Plus shell, ION. The user can select programs by means of a highlighting cursor that moves up and down though the list of program descriptions. The maximum number of programs this interface can display at once is 7, and in order to display more programs, the list can be scrolled upwards and downwards when your cursor is at the edges of the viewable area.

ARROWS:      Moves Cursor Up and Down through the list of available
             programs. Also scrolls list of program descriptions if
             there are more of them off screen.

ENTER/2ND:   Executes the currently highlighted program.

MODE:        Exits MirageOS back to the TI-83 Plus Homescreen.

ALPHA:       Goes to the Options Screen of the shell.

PLUS:        Increases the current Contrast Level setting.

MINUS:       Decreases the current Contrast Level setting.

X,T,0,n:     Goto the Folders Menu of the shell to change the
             current folder you are viewing the programs of.

STO:         Move the currently highlighted program to another
             folder. Activates the Folders Menu.

TRACE:       Page Up in the list of programs. Moves your cursor
             to the top of the list, and then scrolls upwards
             six programs at a time.

GRAPH:       Page Down in the list of programs. Moves your cursor
             to the bottom of the list, and then scrolls downwards
             six programs at a time.

ON:          Shuts Down the calculator temporarily. Press ON
             again to turn the calculator back on and resume
             in the shell.

The top of the Program Descriptions Interface shows the MirageOS header, seen in the Program Manager as well as other Interfaces, and the Top-Right corner of the screen shows the name of the current folder you are in. On the bottom of the screen, you will find more detailed information about each program, such as its name that appears in the PRGM menu, and its File Size as appears in the Memory Menu of the TI-OS. A scroll bar is located to the right side of the screen, which contains a scroll box showing the relative position of where your cursor is in the full list of programs.
Version 1.0 - Initial Release of Program Descriptions GUI. (07-25-00)


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