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Platform: TI-83+ (FlashApp)
Released On:  May 13th, 2001

Produced By: Detached Solutions
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Block Dude Documentation

Main Developer: Brandon Sterner
Co-Developers: Dan Englender, Jason Kovacs

What is Block Dude?

Block Dude is a very challenging puzzle game. You are Block Dude, and your mission is to complete all of the eleven levels in the game. To beat each level you must reach the door, but this is not as easy since the door is not always in a convenient place. There are obstacles in the way such as bricks that are non-moveable and blocks that are moveable, which you can use to your advantage. Block Dude has the ability to pick up and put down one block at a time, and then can climb up and down the blocks and bricks in order to reach the door. His movement is limited to one space at a time however, and he can only climb up and to the left or right in one diagonal space. You must use the blocks to get over columns of bricks, and to build staircases to reach other sets of blocks that will be necessary in your goal of reaching the door in each level. The levels become increasingly harder and more complex to solve, and you will need to use strategy and experimentation with your placement of the blocks in order to solve a level. This fun and entertaining game will keep you addicted and playing until you have beaten all the levels!

When you first start Block Dude, you will see a title screen that shows a Demo of level 1 being played. You can see the solution to that level and the fundamental actions of Block Dude that you must use to solve all of the other levels. On the main menu at the bottom of the screen, you can choose "New" to start a new game from level 1, or "Password" to enter a password that you've already obtained from beating levels previously, in order to jump to a later level quickly. The "Help" menu item will show a screen of brief information about how to play the game, and the "Exit" menu item will return the user to the games list of PuzzPack.

Controls in Block Dude

The Left and Right arrow keys will move Block Dude in those directions accordingly. These keys will only turn Block Dude if he is currently trapped in a space with no open positions to the left or right.
The Down key will Pick Up a block that Block Dude is facing and standing adjacent to. It will also Put Down a block that he is holding into the open position currently in front of him.
The Up key will allow Block Dude to climb up a block or brick that he is current facing and standing adjacent to. This will make him move diagonally up and left or right depending on which direction he is facing.
Hold the 2nd key while pressing the arrow keys in order to scroll the screen and view the layout of the whole level. Release 2nd to return to normal gameplay.
The Clear key will quit the current level of Block Dude and bring up a message prompt asking you if you want to Restart the current level or Quit to the title screen.
The Delete key will quit PuzzPack to the TI-OS homescreen, and it will not save the state of the current level in Block Dude. You will have to start from the beginning of a level the next time you play.

Entering A Password

From the second item of the main menu in Block Dude, you can enter a password for a level that you've already solved up to. Knowing the password for later levels in the game will allow you to skip those you have already beaten before. A password consists of 3 characters, each having the possibility of being A-Z, a-z, or 0-9. You will select one character at a time, and cannot go back to a previous character of the 3 once you have selected one. Press the Up and Down keys to change the current character. Up will move to the next one, ascending through the uppercase alphabet, then the lowercase alphabet, then numbers, and back to uppercase. The Down key will change to the previous character in the opposite direction as Up. Press the Enter or 2nd key to select the character you are currently showing, and when 3 characters are chosen, the password will be processed. If it matches the passwords for any of the 11 levels, you will be started on that level, else you will start at level 1.

Block Dude Full Levels & Level Solutions

You may view the full image and solution to any of the levels in Block Dude by selecting the level you want from the respective Pull-Down menus below, and then choosing to Open it either in a New Window or the Same Window. The New Window will be a smaller, pop-up window that has no toolbars and that you may easily close, but if your browser does not support this feature, then you may view the level solution in the same window. Level solutions are in Animated GIF format, which will play on their own in a loop and cannot be paused/unpaused or navigated. If the file is large, it may take a moment to load completely on slower connections.

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Thanks to Clint McGill for the improved solution to Level 11 of Block Dude.

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