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Platform: TI-89 / TI-92 Plus / V200 (Flash Application)
Released On: 09/15/2009

Produced By: Greg Dietsche
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About Super Start

Super Start is for the TI-89, TI-92 Plus and Voyage 200 graphing calculators. It launches PPG compressed and normal (ASM and BASIC) programs, but with a twist - it does the typing for you. After selecting a program in the VAR-LINK and pasting it to the Home Screen, you need press ENTER once. Super Start will finish typing parenthesis, decompress if necessary and launch the program.

For the geeks among us, Super Start integrates nicely with Command Post Plus to provide leak watch functionality for the programs it launches.

With Super Start installed, you can delete all of your ASM launcher programs which decompress PPG programs/games.

After installation, using Super Start is easy:

  • Go the var-link screen and choose the program you want to run
  • Press enter (the program name is now in the home screen entry line)
  • Press enter again
    • Super Start recogonizes the program
    • Automatically finishes typing for you
    • Launches the program
  • Have fun playing your game - this step is optional ;)

Feature List:

  • Launch ASM programs over 24k without a kernel
  • Launch PPG compressed programs
  • Command Post Plus Leak Watch Integration
    • This is the easy way to find out if a program has a memory leak!


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