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The Omnicalc User's Manual

Program Compression :  Overview

The Lite8x utility allows you to compress ION and MirageOS programs to save space on your calculator. Download Lite8x (for Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP); it will create a program group in your Start menu called "Lite8x." There is a readme link in that group that contains all the needed instructions on how to compress 83+ programs. Please note that the compression ratio varies depending on the program's size and content. In some cases with very small programs, Lite8x may actually increase the size. The exact ratio is displayed when Lite8x runs.

Program Compression :  Running Compressed Programs

The programs compressed with Lite8x require that Omnicalc be present on the calculator to run. They do not require that Omnicalc currently be installed, however. Lite8x programs can be run in the same manner as uncompressed programs. When started from ION, MirageOS, or a compatible shell, a compressed program will automatically expand itself and run without any noticeable side effects to the user.

If there is insufficient free RAM to decompress a program, the required and available bytes will be shown so that you can make an attempt to free up the needed memory if possible. The last note regarding Lite8x compressed programs is that writeback does not work. If a program wishes to use writeback, it will have to be stored in the program header as Lite8x does not modify that. Potential areas include sticking data after the program title but before the label "start" in the "jr nc, start" of an ION program, or using the icon of a MirageOS program. Example:
xor a
jr nc,start
.db "Program Title",0
 .dw 0
 .db "A.A. Person",0

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