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The Omnicalc User's Manual

Credits :  Support

  • Kirk Meyer - He provided the math theory that I implemented for the factor() and simp√(). He also wrote Lite86 II and provided the source code that form the basis of Lite8x.
  • Dan Englender - He discovered most of the TI-83 Plus hooks, which Omnicalc relies on for its operations. He also helped me with the bugs that seemed impossible to track down.
  • Brandon Sterner - Our discussions on OS integration led to improved parser and token insert routines in Omnicalc and Symbolic, as well as interoperatiblity between our two applications.
  • Jason Kovacs - He helped with the aesthetics of Omnicalc and also provided some ideas for Omnicalc, most notably the idea for a clipboard.
  • Jason Malinowski - He extensively beta tested and was instrumental in reporting bugs and suggesting new features.
  • All the beta testers - They tracked down and reported numerous bugs in Omnicalc over months of testing.

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