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The Omnicalc User's Manual

Font Sets :  Overview

Omnicalc provides the ability for external font sets to be loaded onto your calculator. These font sets are transferred into your RAM as programs, and are detected by Omnicalc. This lets you customize the large font set of your TI-83 Plus.

Font Sets :  Creating

A computer utility is provided to allow easy creation of font sets. To download, click here. Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP is required. You will need an unzipping utility such as WinZip to extract the installation files. After installing the Omnicalc Font Creator, a shortcut will be created in your Start menu. Click Start, Programs, Omnicalc, Omnicalc Font Creator. You can now create a font set. At the bottom of the window the number of the character you are editing is displayed. Characters 0-255 exist. By clicking in a box in the 5x7 grid you can edit the character. A preview is shown to the right. The Next button is a shortcut to quickly change to the next character. To switch characters, click on the Switch Character menu. The common characters are accessible via sub menus. For the other characters (0-31, 123-255) you will have to click and then enter the number of the character. The TI-OS normal font is the default for editing when you create a new font set, so this should serve as a guide to what each character number represents. The File menu is self-explanatory, consisting of standard file managing functions. When you have finished your set, click the Compile menu. You will then need to enter the calculator filename for the font set (limit 8 characters). Click OK and a DOS window should open. When its title contains the word "Finished" you should close it with a X. Your font set has been saved as a .8xp file in the Omnicalc Font Creator directory (default is C:\Program Files\Omnicalc). Send it to the RAM of your TI-83 Plus via the TI-GRAPHLINK or TI Connect software. For instructions on what next to do, please see the next section.

Font Sets :  Using

To access the font set selection screen, choose option "3: Font Sets" from the Omnicalc main menu. If you see the message "No font sets found" this means that Omnicalc could not locate any font sets in RAM; you must have at least one font set on the calc. Otherwise, you will see the font selection screen (see third picture below). Pressing the left/right arrows will scroll through the font sets available on your calculator. The current selected set's name is shown, and pressing the up/down arrows will scroll the character preview. Pressing 2nd/Enter toggles if font sets are activated; and Clear returns to the main menu.
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