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The Omnicalc User's Manual

Version History : 

Version 1.26
April 19, 2005
  • Square roots now simplify correctly in Fix 0-9 modes
  • Sprites can now be 96x64
  • simp() now returns sqrt(2) as a string for consistency
  • On+Apps no longer crashes in 2nd+Rcl mode
  • Entries longer than 500 bytes are truncated in the Entries menu
  • CabriJr should display correctly in the Quick Apps Menu
  • Omnicalc license changed from GPL to custom one with nearly identical same restrictions/rights
Version 1.25
December 9, 2004
  • Fixed one more bug in the fast apps menu
  • Fixed a problem with pressing invalid numeric keys in the functions menu
  • RestoreMem() fixed after an unexpected bug appeared in 1.24
Version 1.24
November 11, 2004
  • Fixed a bug with taking logs of negative numbers in a+bi mode
  • Infinite user prompt when overwriting hooks fixed
  • More fast apps menu bugs fixed
Version 1.23
August 5, 2004
  • Fixed more problems with the apps menu
Version 1.22
August 4, 2004
  • Fixed problems with the quick apps menu that existed only because TI apps flagrantly and repeatedly violate TI's own published standards and specifications.
Version 1.21
August 3, 2004
  • Fixed a sprite() bug introduced in 1.20

Version 1.20
July 31, 2004

  • Custom menu fixed to work on the 84+
  • sprite() function improved so that it shouldn't cause crashes
  • The custom appvar can now be archived
  • play() and ExecAsm() functions added
  • Tokens removed in favor of "real(XX," syntax
  • factor(), simp() functions now faster
  • Parentheses assistant handles " nPr ", strings, and edit buffers that are longer than one screen.
  • The Entries menu properly scrolls the homescreen when inserting long entries
  • log() now has an optional base argument
  • Program compression added with Lite8x
  • The omnicalc appvar can now be archived.
  • Quick APPS menu added for the SE
  • When switching bases, the new base is now shown
  • Base conversion now works on numbers up to 2^32

Version 1.10
July 8, 2003

  • Virtual Calc switching speed improved
  • Clipboard functionality removed
  • Entry menu bug fixed - with 7 items in the menu, the colon on the last line would change to an up arrow when scrolling down past the bottom
  • Functions menu - Pressing the multiply key will insert an OS-friendly version
  • mod() now handles division by zero

Version 1.0
Initial release
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