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In this section of our website, you will find various means for contacting our staff so that you may ask us questions regarding our Organization and our current Features or Upcoming projects. Listed below are the E-Mail addresses of our staff, and a few Group E-Mail addresses that you can use in order to contact several of our members at once regarding a particular subject. That way, any of our members will be able to respond to you in a prompt manner if another member is currently unable to reply to your mail. You may also contact us directly through either ICQ messages, or in Real-Time through Internet Relay Chat (IRC), and information about each of those contact methods is provided below. We have also made available a Guestbook for visitors to post their personal information on, to let us and the rest of the public know they were here and show support for our organization.

 Contact Us By E-Mail:
For General Questions:

Do you have any questions regarding the Detached Solutions organization in general? If so, you may contact our staff at this Group E-Mail address so that each one of our staff can receive your E-Mail message. You may also use this address for any business inquiries regarding our organization and programming skills.
For MirageOS Questions:

If you have questions about the usage of our Flash Application Shell, MirageOS, or any inquiries regarding MirageOS development, you can contact us at this E-Mail address. Your message will be sent to the appropriate staff who are able to answer your questions concerning this topic.
For PuzzPack Questions:

If you have questions or comments relating to The Puzzle Pack v2.0, then use this address to contact our staff. We will assist you with any questions about the function and usage of the application, but we cannot address questions asking how to complete certain levels of the contained puzzle games.
For Webpage Concerns:

Use this E-Mail address to contact our Webpage Manager for questions regarding the content on our site, or if you have any problems in viewing certain aspects of our site. The message will then be sent to the appropriate staff who can address your concerns for our webpage.
Staff E-Mail Addresses:

Use these E-Mail addresses to contact each of our staff members Individually, so that you may direct questions to them about their Completed or Upcoming projects.
Scott Dial
Greg Dietsche
Dan Englender
Jason Kovacs
Andrew Magness
Kirk Meyer
Brandon Sterner
Michael Vincent
Brandon Wilson

 Contact Us Through ICQ:
Download ICQ Software:
ICQ ("I Seek You") is an Internet Messaging system similar to AOL Instant Messages, in which users can contact other users of the software, and send messages back and forth to one another. We at Detached Solutions use this software for communication and for sending files to each other, and we have contacts with many other ICQ users as well. To contact us by this method you must download the ICQ software and set up an account for yourself, in which you are given a special UIN (Universal Internet Number). The software lets you add users that you know the UIN's of, and lets you have a type of "Buddy List" that notifies you when other users log onto the Internet. You can find the UIN's of our staff members here:


You may use ICQ as one of the methods to contact us, but please do not abuse this privilege of messaging our staff directly. We would like to spend time making progress on our own projects, rather than answering constant questions of the public. We are happy to occasionally assist you with a problem directly, but be sure to read all the documents concerning your question, in case we have provided the answer online already. Thank You.

 Contact Us On IRC:
Download IRC Software:
IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a virtual chat-room system where users can log-in to various IRC servers, and meet other users in designated "channels". There, people can discuss anything with one another in a Real-Time chat session, and can even send files between eachother. There are over 150 different IRC servers that a person may log-in to (i.e., DALnet, Undernet), but the one our members and many other programmers use frequently is called EFNet. To discuss things with our staff, you can download the mIRC software and connect with one of the EFNet server providers after establishing your Internet connection. Some of the reliable EFNet servers we have found to choose from are: "irc.emory.edu", "irc.prison.net", "irc.mindspring.com", "irc.lightning.net", "irc.freei.net", and "irc.idle.net". Some of those may not allow you access, but try all of them and eventually one of the servers will let you connect to IRC.

After connecting to IRC, you will want to Join a channel to discuss in. Our designated channel name is #detacheds, but there are other channels where TI-Calculators and other programming languages are discussed, such as in #tcpa, #ti, #gameboy, #php, etc. The discussion in each of these channels doesn't always stay on topic, but in our channel and #tcpa, we most often keep the discussion tasteful and relevant to programming. Each IRC user has a specific nickname that they can pick for themselves. The nicknames of our staff members are listed here:


There are many different aspects to using the IRC software, and you can find out about much of this information on the mIRC homepage. There you will find instructions on how to install the software and how to configure the connection settings, if the above instructions were not clear enough. You can also find out about the many commands available in IRC, and the macros and scripts that can be used. Come by IRC whenever you want, and our staff will be there when they are online, so that you may speak to us directly. Hope to see you there!

 The DS Guestbook:
View Entries/Post An Entry:
We have provided a Guestbook for the viewing public of our website to use and sign to let us know they were here. The main page of the Guestbook has a form that allows you to View the current entries, either sorted by Lastname or Postdate, in Ascending or Descending order, and then an option for the number to show per page. Located there also is the form for you to submit your entry, with fields for your Firstname, Lastname, E-mail Address, Location (such as city, state, country), Homepage Address, and then a Message. We would appreciate if you could post an entry into our Guestbook to show your support for our organization and our software. Thanks!

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