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Application Programming Contest!

Educational Category Winners:

1st Place: Astro

Created by Benjamin Moody
E-mail: benjamin@ecg.mit.edu

Astro, the only entry to our contest already in the form of an application, is a powerful program that draws sky maps of stars and other celestial bodies. It displays generates the map based on the location and time you input, and is great for all those amateur astronomers out there. We can't wait to see the finished version!

2nd Place: Crossword

Created by Michael Seplowitz

Crossword is a nice program that simulates everyone's favorite part of the sunday paper - the crossword puzzle. This program is nearly complete, and looks like it'll be great once it's done. The only problem might be finding people to make all those crossword puzzles (The two included by the author are a bit...odd).

3rd Place (tie): Nifty

Created by Peter Martijn Kuipers
E-mail: nifty@hyperfield.com

Nifty is an on-calc text viewer that supports formatted text. What sets it apart from all other text viewers, however, is that you can create the texts simply and easily using the TIOS BASIC program editor. This makes creating texts on your calculator a breeze, and is great for when you don't have access to a computer.

3rd Place (tie): BasicTutor

Created by Joel Seligstein
E-mail: joel@basm.org

Basic Tutor is a program to help beginners learn how to program in BASIC. It contains information on many of the commands usable in TI-BASIC. We really like the interface for the program, and we hope the author will continue to develop it and perhaps add support for things other than just Basic tutorials.

"Other" Category Winners:

1st Place: Narkemen

Created by Kerey Roper
E-mail: narkemen@digitalrice.com

The Shadow of Narkemen is a huge indepth role playing game that's been under development for ages. It's got a complex story line along with fun and interesting game play. You can download the latest TI-83 versions from the authors home page. This program would make an absolutely great application!

2nd Place: ZCasino

Created by Xavier LaRue
E-mail: paxl@caramail.com

ZCasino is just that, a casino game. It's got a bunch of different games you can play, with more to be added for the final version. One of it's neat features is the greyscale graphics used during gameplay! But the reason we gave this program 2nd place was not for its graphics, but just because it's so fun to play!

3rd Place: KOF 2000
The King of Fighters 2000

Created by Joe Flint
E-mail: Joe-f@columbus.rr.com

The King of Fighters 2000 is a fighting game with some really great graphics. It plays very much like fighting games for game-dedicated platforms. KOF isn't completed yet, but once it is, it could be the most impressive game to hit the TI-83 Plus ever.

Contest Runners-Up:

Educational Category:

"Other" Category:


By Michael Vincent

Bust A Move

By Nick Haigler

Equasions Guide

By Mike Giza


By Andy Poes

Latin Translator

By Michael Vincent


By Joel Seligstein

The Sound of Music

By Alex Roper


By Matthew Roberts

The Tower of Hanoi

By Andreas Finne


By Andreas Finne


By Fred Coughlin

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