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Platform: TI-83+ (FlashApp)
Released On:  Jan 15th, 2004

Produced By: Kirk Meyer
E-Mail: kirk7038@detachedsolutions.com

The DAWG User's Manual

The DAWG user's manual is packaged with the download.


About DAWG

DAWG checks the spelling of words you type in and offers corrections based on phonics. It even includes a puzzle-solver "wildcard" search that allows you to type in a question mark "?" for any letters you don't know. DAWG also features word families and an anagram maker, which shows you how the letters of your entry can be rearranged to form other single words. NOTE: DAWG does not provide definitions for words. It contains only a word list. It also does not include any word games, although it may be used to assist you with such word puzzles and games.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How do I put this application on my calculator?
A1: You will need a TI-GraphLink which can be bought from any number of electronics stores or http://epsstore.ti.com/ for about $20. You will then need TI-GraphLink software v2.0 or higher, or TI-Connect.

Q2: Can I type this application into my calculator?
A2: No, applications cannot be typed into a calculator.

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