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Graph3 v2.0

Platform: TI-83+ (FlashApp)
Released On:  Aug 15th, 2002

Produced By: Kirk Meyer and Martin Warmer
E-Mail: kirk7038@detachedsolutions.com

The Graph3 User's Manual

The Graph3 user's manual is packaged with your download. You may also view it online.


About Graph3

Graph3 is the all-in-one solution for extending the graphing capabilities of your calculator by integrating both 3D and differential equation graphers! The 3D grapher is faster than the TI-89ís built-in grapher; it features rotation, zooming, tracing, hidden surface, and more. The differential equation grapher features the Runge-Kutta method, slope fields, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How do I put this application on my calculator?
A1: You will need a TI-GraphLink which can be bought from any number of electronics stores or http://epsstore.ti.com/ for about $20. You will then need TI-GraphLink software v2.0 or higher, or TI-Connect.

Q2: Can I type this application into my calculator?
A2: No, applications cannot be typed into a calculator.

Q3: Will this program be ported to another calculator?
A3: Probably not. The program currently uses hooks to fully integrate with the 83+ OS. Integration in the same manner would not be possible on other calculators. Although I don't plan to port it, others have shown an interest in porting it.

TI-GRAPH LINK and TI-CONNECT are trademarks of Texas Instruments Incorporated. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Version History

2.0  02/15/2007  Final release containing differential equation support
1.9  01/04/2007  Differential Equation support added by Martin Warmer, as a project for the Google Summer of Code
1.1  08/30/2004  Updated for compatibility with new link software
1.0  08/15/2002  Fixed bugs, added easter egg
0.9  08/12/2002  Public preview release
0.8  08/09/2002  Second beta with tracing
0.7  08/04/2002  Initial beta
0.1  07/16/2002  Initial alpha with auto-rotation (not released)
0.0  07/07/2002  Coding started

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