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The MirageOS User's Manual

MirageOS v1.1 :  Updates & Information

Here is a list of Problems/Bugs that were fixed and the Additions/Changes made for Version 1.1 of MirageOS:

Problem/Bug Fixes:
  • No longer crashes at the Graph Screen, System Key Hooks fixed.
  • Archive/Unarchive Programs works under Low RAM/ROM conditions.
  • Program Sorting works correctly for two progs of the same Name.
  • BASIC programs run correctly (Text before Input, Menus, etc.)
  • Alpha+ON Key Hook Fixed, No longer messes up the calculator
    when the Link Cable is inserted during this Powerdown method.
  • Linking and Transferring of programs is fixed.
  • Pressing ON to Break during BASIC menus no longer has problems.
  • TI-82 Emulation improved, and an Emulation Loader Bug is fixed.
  • Hidden programs no longer mess up when a folder is deleted.
  • Auto-Powerdown (APD) fixed in Mirage programs that use APD.

New Additions/Changes:
  • All Sort methods except sorting by Program Name were removed.
  • A new function to "Hide All" programs has been implemented.
  • Rearranged contents of the Function Bar in the Program Manager:
    1.) The Sort menu is now called "Actn" (meaning Action), which
    contains the two functions to Sort Folders & Move All Programs.
    2.) The Info menu for programs now has the "All" selection be
    used for the Hide All function.
  • Shortcut Keys were added to the Program Manager for easy access
    to several of the functions and the keypresses are as follows:
    DEL = Delete Program/Folder, MATH = New Folder, APPS = Rename
    Program/Folder, PRGM = Hide All, VARS = FreeRAM/ROM Display,
    X-1 = Sort Folder, SIN = Archive Program, COS = Hide Program,
    TAN = Lock/UnLock Program, STO = Move Program/Move All Programs.
  • Several of these functions can be accessed from the Folders Menu
    now, when using another GUI.
  • The input routine for Program and Folder names has been changed
    to use the ALPHA key to toggle between Letters and Numbers, as
    opposed to the previous usage of the ON key to switch modes.
  • Key Hooks are not active on the Graph Screen, such as Alpha+ON,
    Alpha+APPS, and Quick Key Repeat, but Protecting the Memory Menu
    still functions correctly from any place in the calculator.
  • Sorting Message is now displayed on the screen when the shell
    is sorting programs. Sometimes this could take a while, and we
    don't want users to think their calculator crashed when starting
    MirageOS or sorting programs manually from the Program Manager.

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