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PuzzPack v2.0

Platform: TI-83+ (FlashApp)
Released On:  May 13th, 2001

Produced By: Detached Solutions
E-Mail: puzzpack@detachedsolutions.com

Pegs Documentation

Main Developer: Fred Coughlin
Co-Developers: Jason Kovacs, Dan Englender, Brandon Sterner

What is Pegs?

The objective of this puzzle game is to eliminate all of the moveable pieces called Pegs from the playing field of each level. There are several types of pegs, each with different behavior, and generally two pegs of the same type can be pushed together to remove them from the level. This is easier said than done though because the pegs are initially arranged in positions where certain pegs must be removed before others, and strategy must be implemented in order to maneuver the pegs when obstacles are in the way. This version of the game has 15 levels, and it will keep you entertained and addicted to playing until you've beaten them all!

The user has a main playing piece that can be moved with the arrow keys to push other pegs around the playing field, and it can only push and not pull the pegs. The available pegs that must be eliminated are squares, circles, triangles, and crosses, and their specific behavior is described in the rules and peg summary sections below. There is the obstacle of solid blocks, which cannot be moved or have pieces pushed into them. There are also holes that cause the player to "die" and have to restart the level if the main playing piece is moved into a one. Holes can also have other pegs pushed into them for removal, but square pegs will fill up the hole and remove it as well.

If you push together two pegs that are not of the same type, a message will be displayed letting you know that "They don't match", then you will have to restart the current level. If you fall into a hole, a message saying "You fell and died" will be displayed and the level will be restarted as well. Whenever you remove all of the moveable pegs (except for the main playing piece), then the level will be complete and a message saying "Nice Pegging!" will appear. Each level gets increasingly harder in difficulty and requires more strategy and experimentation in order to solve them. When you've beaten the game, you will then be allowed to go to any of the levels using the Plus and Minus keys of the calculator as an added bonus.

Controls in Pegs

The Up, Down, Left, and Right arrow keys move the main playing piece around the playing field and allow for pegs to be moved and pushed into others.
The Mode key will restart the current level, and return all pieces to their initial positions for you to try the level again incase a mistake was made.
The Clear key will return the user to the Pegs title screen at any point during the gameplay. This causes for any current progress in the game to be lost and will start the player from Level 1 again.
The Delete key will quit PuzzPack to the TI-OS homescreen, and save the state of the current level in Pegs for the next time that the user plays the game.
These arrow keys change the peg to be selected by the user when two cross pegs are pushed together.
These keys will confirm the selection of a new peg when two crosses are pushed together to be turned into another peg.
The Plus (+) and Minus (-) keys will increase and decrease the current level respectively and allows the user to quickly go to another level to play. This function is only given as a bonus when the user beats the game at least once.

Gameplay Rules

  1. You must eliminate all of the moveable pegs to beat a level.

  2. You can only push pegs, and pulling them is not possible.

  3. Solid blocks with an 'X' do not need to be eliminated and
    they cannot be moved.

  4. Holes do not need to be eliminated and they will "kill" the
    player if the main piece is moved into one, causing for the
    level to be restarted.

  5. When you push two similar pegs together, they are eliminated.

  6. You cannot push two dissimilar pegs together, and the level
    will be restarted if done so.

  7. If you push two triangles together, they form a solid block.

  8. If you push two crosses together, they will turn into another
    peg of your choice, either a square, circle, triangle, or
    another cross.

  9. When you push a peg into a hole, the peg is eliminated, and
    if you push a square into a hole, the hole disappears too.


Pushing two Matching pegs together.

Pushing two Non-matching pegs together.

The Main peice falling into a Hole.

Peg Summaries

Playing Cursor:

This is your main playing piece. You can move it left, right, up, and down to push pegs around the playing field. Don't let this piece fall down a hole, or you have to start the current level over.
Solid Block:

This is a solid block, a peg that can't be moved. You cannot push any other pegs into it either.
Square Peg:

This is a square peg. When you push it into another square peg, they will both disappear. When you push it into a hole, it fills it up, and both the hole and peg disappear.
Triangle Peg:

This is a triangle peg. When you push two of them together, they become a solid block. You should be careful not to be trapped from moving and maneuvering other pieces where the solid blocks are created.
Circle Peg:

This is a circle peg. By pushing two of them together, they disappear. This would be one of the "Normal" pieces in this game that need to be removed and doesn't have any special results.
Cross Peg:

This is a cross peg. When you push two crosses together, they become any other peg, and you are allowed to choose which peg they turn into; either a square, circle, triangle, or another cross peg. Push up and down to change the peg, and push enter to select the peg you want.

This is a hole. Generally, walking into a hole leads to death. If you push a peg into the hole, the peg disappears. When a square peg is pushed in, the hole is filled and disappears as well.

Pegs Level Solutions

You may view the solution to any of the levels in Pegs by selecting the level you want from the Pull-Down menu below, and then choosing to Open it either in a New Window or the Same Window. The New Window will be a smaller, pop-up window that has no toolbars and that you may easily close, but if your browser does not support this feature, then you may view the level solution in the same window. Level solutions are in Animated GIF format, which will play on their own in a loop and cannot be paused/unpaused or navigated. If the file is large, it may take a moment to load completely on slower connections.

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