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New Functions

The new functions this application allows the user to use can be accessed once the application is installed by pressing the math button twice. This should bring up a new menu containing all the new functions. This menu is broken up into Trigonometry, Calculus, and Algebra. This new menu can be navigated much like all other menus on the TI-83+ or TI-83+SE.


Trigonometry Functions:

csc( [real number] )

  argument 1: Real number to do the operation on

  returns [real number]
NOTE: The arguments for all of the other trigonometry functions are the same.

Calculus Functions:

d( [string] , [string] )

  argument 1: String containing the expression to differentiate

  argument 2: String containing the variable to differentiate with respect to.

  returns [string] differentiated expression
arclength( [string], [string], [real], [real] )

  argument 1: String containing the expression describing the arc

  argument 2: String containing the independent variable

  argument 3: Real number (independent variable's minimum value along the arc)

  argument 4: Real number (independent variable's maximum value along the arc)

  returns [real] length of arc

Algebra Functions:

simp( [string] )

  argument 1: String containing expression to simplify

  returns [string] simplified expressions
sign( [real] )

  argument 1: Real number to take the sign of

  returns [real] |x|/x
let( [string] , [string] )

  argument 1: String containing a variable set to an expression

  argument 2: String containing variable you wish to replace

  returns [string] resulting expression
version( [real] )

  argument 1: Real number to check if the version is less than or equal to

  returns [real] version number

  Error Thrown if argument 1 < version number

  Suggestion: If you simply want to get the version number without
  risking an error, then use the value 0 in the function.

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