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Version History

Here is a list of the Version History of releases for Symbolic. Since the initial release to the public, there have many minor updates and bug fixes due to reports by users of this application. Each of the versions are shown below with their date of release and brief information about the changes made for that version.

Version 1.0 - December 14th, 2001
Contained 12 reciprocal Trig functions, and the functions: d, arclength, simp, sign, let, & version.

Version 1.1 - December 15th, 2001
Fixed a problem with fractions in the simplify and differentiation functions.

Version 1.2 - December 16th, 2001
Fixed a problem with the Uninstaller. Thanks to Bob Wang for the notice.

Version 1.3 - December 21st, 2001
Fixed a problem with the let function. Thanks to Andrey Gorlin and Patrick Poon.
Safer memory management in implicit multiplication routines.
Fixed inverse trig function calculations. (Andrey Gorlin)
Divide By 0 error now thrown when graphing the sign function. (Andrey Gorlin)
Fixed Uninstaller problem with Archived variables. (Andrey Gorlin)
Graph screen marked dirty after Symbolic is run.
Added the numStr function for use in BASIC programs.
Made many optimizations throughout the application.

Version 1.4 - December 21st, 2001
Fixed problems with Exponents in functions of Symbolic. Thanks to Kevin Barmish for the notice.

Version 1.5 - December 27th, 2001
Negative exponents simplify to reciprical of base to abs of power - Kevin Barmish
Natural logs and logs had problems with decimals - Kevin Barmish
Minus sign in numStr - Kevin Barmish
Simp("a=b") didn't throw syntax error
d(str1,"x") no longer destroys str1 - Kevin Barmish
Updated help mode
Sending BASIC programs via the link no longer causes ERR:Version - Robert Maresh
ptempcnt was not being updated, this caused "1"+numStr(0) to return "11" - Jason Kovacs
X^X^X is no longer assumed to be X^(X^X) but rather (X^X)^X

Version 1.6 - January 13, 2002
previous versions didn't check variable type for first arg in let()
pretty() token added - See http://www.softheiss.de/!!!
d(cot-1(x)) was incorrect - David Vorobeychik

Version 1.7 - January 17, 2002
subtraction rule got mixed up with addition - introduced in v1.6
simp("(a/b)^-2") returns 1/(a/b)^2 when (b/a)^2 is simpler - kevin Barmish

Version 1.8 - March 6, 2002
d("2-","X") crashes, didn't even get to parser - el barto
d("X3+1+)^10+","X" crashed - David Lindstrom
menuroutine in jump table - Michael Vincent
sin(x)+2sin( crashed - Sebastian Theiss
wrap around was buggy - Chuck Adams
EOL was not recognized as end of quotes - calebhwrd
if expression ended with an e, then it threw error
d("[cuberoot]x","x") gave divide by 0 error - Patrick Poon
cot(pi/2) threw error - Kevin Barmish
split screen mode fixed - sebastian theiss
first 4 bytes in savescreen were not preserved during parse

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