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Symbolic Homepage : Installation


After putting symbolic onto your calculator, you will need to install the application in order to use it. To do this, run it once form the "Apps" menu. The screen should display the "splash" screen for Symbolic v1.0. Press any key to continue. This will bring up a menu with the choices "Install", "Uninstall", "Help", and "Exit". Press [ENTER] when the "Install" option is highlighted. If the dialog window displays "Installation Complete" then the application did not encounter any problems. You will see a warning to be sure to run the uninstaller before deleting Symbolic or installing another application which uses the Raw Key Hook, Token Hook, or the Parser Hook. This will avoid unwanted garbage and unpredictable results.


If the dialog window did not display the words "Installation Complete", then it should display an message that another application is using one or more of the hooks needed for Symbolic to work. Installation can be canceled so that the other app can be uninstalled or kept if needed. Symbolic can also delete these hooks which are in use by another application however the other app's manuals should be consulted to see if doing so will cause problems with the system. If the hooks are not over written the installation will fail. If you do choose to overwrite an application's hook, you will be given an opportunity to delete all hooks used by the same application. Depending on the application, failing to delete all other hooks used by the application when one hook which the application uses is deleted can cause problems in the system. It is recommended that you choose yes unless the other application specifically says not all of its hooks must be installed together.


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