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External Software

This section of the Symbolic Homepage will be used to list any BASIC or Assembly programs for the TI-83+ and TI-83+ Silver Edition calculators that make use of the new functions provided by Symbolic, and that require our application to run. We hope that this location of exposure will encourage other programmers to develop advanced mathematical programs that implement the features of our application, as well as serve as a resource where TI-83+/SE users may download programs that extend Symbolic. We welcome any new additions to this page, unless there becomes a flood of similar programs, in which case we must be selective of the highest-quality programs. If you have made a relavent program that you would like to see listed here, then you may Email us at site@detachedsolutions.com, giving us your personal information and a link to where we may download and evaluate your program. Thanks.

differen.8xp by Kevin Barmish - Released: Dec 25, 2001
Makes differention of expressions easier. No need to worry about quotes.

implicit.8xp by Kevin Barmish - Released: Dec 22, 2001
Type in equations to be differentiated implicitly. A very helpful program!

PrettyPt.zip by Sebastian Theiss - Released: Jan 1, 2002
This is an amazing application which pretty prints equations and expressions like the TI-89! You can use this application a variety of different ways. You can run the app and import equations from the TIOS or just type them in. This application also interfaces with Symbolic versions 1.6 and higher. You can use the token, pretty(, from Symbolic's custom menu to display pretty print from menus if you put this app on your calculator too. See http://www.softheiss.de/ for more details.

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