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Symbolic Homepage : Uninstallation


Symbolic should be uninstalled before using another application which uses the parser hook, token hook, or raw key hook. To run the uninstall, go to the apps menu and choose Symbolic. Then from the plash screen of symbolic press any button to bring up the menu. Choose uninstall. You will be asked if you would like to search for illegal tokens. It is strongly recommended that you choose yes. Failing to do so may leave unsightly random characters and possible ram resets if any of these new tokens are left on the home screen, in equation variables, programs etc. If yes was chosen, then you will be ask if you want to delete all illegal tokens found. This is recommended only if you do not have ASM programs and games on your calculator which use "external levels or files". If you calculator has such games or programs then there is a small possibility that these would get automatically deleted by choosing yes. Choosing no can avoid this problem but you will have to manually approve each file which you want to be deleted. If a file which you know does not use these tokens which were introduced by this application, then it is ok to leave these files on the calculator.


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