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Welcome to the Upcoming Projects section of our website. On this page we provide general information about the projects that our staff are currently working on. Each project that we have listed may be an Individual Application by a certain staff member in particular, or a Group Project that Detached Solutions is working on as a whole. The entries shown below give the platform that the project is being developed for, the developer's name, and their E-Mail address. There are a few screenshots for the Upcoming projects, descriptive paragraphs about each, and a link to separate webpage containing more detailed information. We also provide somewhat of an expected release date for each project, but cannot guarantee the accuracy of those dates. However, we do strive to complete these projects in a reasonable amount of time, and we keep the public updated on the status of our Upcoming project through the means of News items on our Main page.

Please check back later... currently, no new programs are being worked on.

TI-83 Plus Contest Apps

The winners of the TI-83 Plus Application Programming Contest have been determined as of April 9th, 2001, and each of the seven winners now have the privilege to convert their entry to a Flash Application and have it signed for the TI-83 Plus by Texas Instruments. For a list of the Potential Apps that will be released as a result of this contest, click on the Contest Results link above.

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