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The MirageOS User's Manual

Welcome to the MirageOS User's Manual, your one stop for information about the Usage of this Flash Application shell for the TI-83 Plus. On this page you will find a table of contents with links to other sections that contain info on a specific topic of our shell. Below, you will also find Frequently Asked Questions about MirageOS, and a great amount of screenshots provided for your viewing pleasure.
The Table Of Contents

  1. FlashApp Installation

  2. Program Manager Usage

  3. Programs Types

  4. Option Screens & Items

  1. About Screens & Credits

  2. Tasker Interrupt / Key Hooks

  3. Memory Management

  4. Graphical User Interfaces

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are several questions regarding the usage of MirageOS, which been frequently asked by users of our shell. The general questions and specific answers are being provided for you to read through, in order that you not contact us with a question or bug report that has already been covered. The answers to these questions are being given by Dan Englender who moderates the MirageOS support address. Please read through all the questions and answers when they become available, before contacting us with a shell usage problem.

Q1:  I found a bug in MirageOS, what should I do?

A1:  We have a MirageOS support email address, mirage@detachedsolutions.com, that you should email. However, before you email, we ask that you do some things that will greatly help us fix the problem:
1) Make sure to provide as many details as you can, the more details, the easier it is for us to isolate the problem and fix it.
2) Try to recreate the problem and if possible send a step by step procedure of how we can invoke the bug.
3) Give us details about the state of your calculator when the bug happened. What were you doing? In MirageOS? In TIOS? Running a program? Which program? How much free RAM and ROM do you have? What BOOT and BASE code versions do you have?

Q2:  How do I install MirageOS?

A2:  We have online instructions for installing MirageOS to your calculator. You can view them Here.

Q2:  How do I uninstall MirageOS?

A2:  Uninstalling MirageOS is a snap. Just delete the MirageOS application and appvar variables from your calculator. You can do this in the Memory menu.

Q3:  My BASIC program isn't detected.

A3:  BASIC programs are not detected by default, you must modify them. This is so BASIC programs that you wouldn't neccesarily want to be detected (ie. sub-programs) won't clutter up MirageOS. To make a BASIC program be detected, you must make the first character in the program a colon (which will appear as two colons, since the BASIC editor puts a colon at the beginning of every line). You can add a custom description to your BASIC program by adding a quotation mark, and then the text you want for the description directly after that. You will then terminate the description text by pressing the Enter key to create a new line. See the Program Compatability page for details.

Q4:  How do I get to the Function Bar so I can make new folders and rename programs?

A4:  From the Program Manager press the "X,T,0,n" Key, which is next to the "ALPHA" Key, and then the Function Bar should appear on the bottom of the screen. From there you can navigate through the Function Bar by pressing the upper keys on the calculator (Y=, Window, Zoom, Trace, and Graph) and those five keys corrospond to each word box on the function bar. Goto the Function Bar Aspects page to find out how to make new folders, rename your programs, and use all the other functions MirageOS has.

Q5:  Why can't I input numbers when renaming or creating folders and programs?

A5:  To input a number, you must first press the alpha key to toggle between alpha and numeric mode, and then press the number. Keep in mind that the first character can not be a number.

Q6:  How do I cancel a rename or new folder prompt?

A6:  If you've typed anything into the prompt already, press clear to clear the prompt. Then press clear again, or enter on an emtpy prompt to cancel the rename or new folder action.

Q7:  Is there any warranty/guarantee on MirageOS

A7:  No. We've done our best to test MirageOS and make sure there are no bugs, but MirageOS is a free program and you use it at your own risk!

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