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Welcome to the webpage of Detached Solutions! We are a software company made up of several highly skilled programmers who are dedicated to developing innovative programs for today's latest hand-held technology. We specialize in Z80 and 68K Assembly Language programming for the Texas Instruments graphing calculators, as well as the programming languages of other portable devices and computer platforms. You can find out more detailed information concerning our background, talents, and purpose in forming this software company, in the About Us section. Listed below on this page, you will find the latest news and updates that apply to our company and our site content. Use the links at the top of each page to navigate through the other sections of our site, and feel free to come back often to see our latest activities.
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Super Start v2.00
Posted On: 09/15/09

Super Start v2.00 by Greg Dietsche is out and is sporting a 3x improvement in decompression speed!

Super Start is for the TI-89, TI-92 Plus and Voyage 200 graphing calculators. It launches PPG compressed and normal (ASM and BASIC) programs, but with a twist - it does the typing for you. After selecting a program in the VAR-LINK and pasting it to the Home Screen, you need press ENTER once. Super Start will finish typing parenthesis, decompress if necessary and launch the program.

For the geeks among us, Super Start integrates nicely with Command Post Plus to provide leak watch functionality for the programs it launches.

With Super Start installed, you can delete all of your ASM launcher programs which decompress PPG programs/games.

RoboCalc v1.0 Released
Posted On: 06/29/08
Detached Solutions is proud to announce the official release of RoboCalc (after three short years of hibernation) by Greg Dietsche. RoboCalc is designed to lower the learning curve required to operate and program the Norland Research Robot. This program is a great addition to any classroom utilizing Norland Research's robot! With RoboCalc, students can easily control the robot using easy to remember mnemonics instead of hard to remember numbers.

Google Summer of Code 2007
Posted On: 03/15/07
It's that time of year again, and we are happy to announce that Detached Solutions will be participating again in Google's Summer of Code. Our students produced some great projects last year, so we're confident we'll see some great stuff this time around too.

We've posted a proposal ideas page, but feel free to come up with your own ideas. If you have any questions, please don't hesistate to ask on the forum.

The application period for students ends on March 24th, so get working on your proposals!

Graph3 Updated
Posted On: 02/15/07
We're proud to report that Graph3, one of the top rated files on ticalc.org, just got even better! Due to Martin Warmer's Summer of Code project, plus his continuing efforts, differential equation graphing support is now added to Graph3; it is now the all-in-one solution for extending the graphing capabilities of your calculator by integrating both 3D and differential equation graphers! We thank Martin for his efforts in making this integration possible.

usb8x 0.12 Released
Posted On: 01/07/07
Version 0.12 of usb8x, the USB host driver for the TI-84 Plus calculators, has been released.

A driver for the Vernier EasyTemp devices and a number of developer features have been added. There are also many fixes such as improved support for mass storage devices. More details on changes in 0.12 can be found in the change log.

For additional information see:
Home Page - http://usb8x.sourceforge.net
Documentation - http://usb8x.denglend.net

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