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Calendar v1.0 Released for MirageOS
Posted On: 01/31/01
Jason Kovacs has released his long-awaited project for the TI-83 Plus, Calendar v1.0! This innovative calendar program is unlike any other one made for TI calculators because it gives the TI-83 Plus user a great amount of functionality to manage daily information for themselves, and serves somewhat as an Organizer. With this program, the user has the ability to view annual holidays called Special Days, the ability to add/remove these special days, and to store Text Messages onto specific dates through the use of Daily Notes!

This program is a Must for any TI-83 Plus user to have, and it can be downloaded from our Features page. Soon, there will be a Calendar Homepage with complete program documentation and information for the public to refer to, and this should be developed within the next few days. We hope you enjoy this latest development of ours, and continue to support Detached Solutions in our effort to produce high-quality programs for the TI calculators!

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