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Detached Solutions IRC Channel Open
Posted On: 07/14/00
Detached Solutions now has their very own IRC channel on the EFNet server called #detacheds. We decided to open up this channel so our staff could gather there whenever they are online, and also for any of our public to visit us there and discuss anything with us. We hope to use the channel to discuss programming, and our latest projects, and answer any questions of the visitors we receive in our new channel.

On Thursday, July 13th, at 2 AM in the morning, Andrew Magness (with the help of Eric Sun) organized our new channel bot named "detached", which runs off our www.detacheds.com IP address using the Eggdrop software. For more information about how an IRC Bot works, and all the things it can do, visit www.egghelp.org and view all the information located there.

Later that day, we configured another Bot named "Assembler" that is owned by Erik Davidson of the TCPA/TI-News. We got this bot too, so that it could stay in our channel along with detached, and help guard our holdings of #detacheds incase of any Netsplits or server downtime. The other staff of Detached Solutions were soon added as Users of the channel, which the Bots can recognize, so that #detacheds could further be organized by more people.

Visit our Contact Page and look near the bottom for more information about IRC and how to setup the software so you may join us in our discussion channel.

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