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Welcome to the Old News section of Detached Solutions, where we provide a listing of the past News items we have posted to our webpage. This page is intended for the public to read about our past activities and information released, if they were not around to see that news initially. We will also use this database of news as a record for the progress of Detached Solutions. Click on any of the links below and a page will be generated that contains the News box for the entry you want to read. Whenever we post a current news item to the Main Page, the oldest one there will be moved to the top of this page, and only Five of our latest entries will be displayed on the Main Page.

Webpage and News Are Back Up
Posted On: 07/05/00
After a few days of server downtime, the Detached Solutions webpage is finally back up and running. The server that our hosting service, www.alphapython.com, uses has had difficulties in the past, but we believe that this latest server setup will be very reliable from now on. Our webpage administrator, Eric Sun, has been very helpful with us in establishing our webpage hosting, and we thank him greatly for it.

Now that our webpage is accessible again, we can continue progress on developing its format and site content. Our PHP News System, which was developed by Scott Dial, is working well again and much thanks go out to him for setting this up so that we can add and edit News items easily. A section of OldNews was also added to our site, which lists all past news entries we have posted. On our main page, the 5 latest News posts are shown, and the 6th one is moved to the top of the OldNews page whenever another is posted. This system will help us greatly to keep track of our past activities and record the History of Detached Solutions.

Old News Items
A Listing of our Past News Entries.

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