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MirageOS Wins ticalc.org Program Of The Month!
Posted On: 09/01/00
We are proud to announce that our first major development for the TI-83 Plus, MirageOS, has won the Program Of The Month (POTM) award at www.ticalc.org.

Ticalc.org is one of the major TI-Calculator organizations that receives news and uploads from most every TI programmer across the world. Each month, they hold a competion between all the featured programs released that month, and voting among the TI public takes place. MirageOS won this POTM contest for the month of July 2000, where the programs came from July, the vote took place during August, and the winners were announced September 1st.

We would like to thank all of those who voted for MirageOS, and also those who didnt get a chance to vote or didnt know about the voting, but support our FlashApp shell anyways. Thank you all, and continue to let us know what you think of our shell by E-Mail.

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