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Command Post Plus!
Posted On: 12/28/03

Merry Belated Christmas Everyone!

Having survived four months of beta testing, the long awaited Command Post update has arrived: Command Post Plus!

This version contains updated tools which are designed to aid developers in the creation bug free applications for the TI-89, TI-92 Plus, and Voyage 200 handhelds. Along with the original features such as Leak Watch and the Hex Editor, you will find many new features including: A full featured disassembler which is able to identify rom calls and error messages. A much improved crash detection system (called Crash Guard) which allows developers to jump to the disassembly of flawed code which caused a crash. Command Post Plus can also be used with Greg's Super Start flash application to make monitoring ASM programs & games for memory leaks a breeze! Other features and updates include link port logging, more TI-BASIC extensions and enhanced search features! Command Post also sports a special library interface which allows other programs to use Command Post features including Leak Watch, and on-demand Disassembly of ASM code.

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